Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Green light!

It's all happening now! Eric had his last flight today and Maf has given green light now, Eric is doing really well, is enjoying flying again, Praise the Lord for this.
We are moving to Arnhemland on Thursday evening 18.20. and will be there at 19.40. So we're cleaning the house and packing our bags and buying some last bits and pieces to take with us, that we need (bed and bath linnen,schooling stuff). We are so blessed again with our extra lugage, because next week there is a Maf plane flying from Mareeba to Gove that can take our stuff.
We will be living in Yirkala thats 11 km south from Nhulungbuy/Gove.
We know we will be in a 3 bedroom house in the Maf street.
It's all very exciting.
The build up season is just starting a little bit, so it's getting warmer and more humited. They say it takes a while to get use to it.
Please pray for strength and getting use to it all and for new friends.
We are really thankfull to Maf Cairns and Mareeba what they have done for us!! They encouraged and helped us out amazingly! And thank you to you all who are part of it in prayers and support, this is so important. We missioning together, God blesses you!

Lots of love,

from the Koch family

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