Sunday, 25 September 2011

On Sunday the 25th a new Orientation of MAF started. Kicked of with a barbeque and scenic flights in Mareeba, Maf hangar. We could meet our new MAF family again.Ruben was so excited to see all the planes and to have a flight in it.

To Go to Mareeba You pass Kuranda. We stopped here to have our lunch and see the Barron falls. Because of the end of the dry season there wasn't much water. But still really beautiful. A nice board walk took us up to see it.

Something funny happened:
I saw this hose(slang=dutch word, same as snake=slang) I called the kids and said to them: I see a slang, really carefully guys. So they came to have a look, and than they found out it wasn't a real slang(snake) but a water slang(hose)

We also went to see the beautiful butterflys and learned a lot from the Butterfly Sanctuary. The green with yellow one is the Cairns Birdwing male. The blue one is the Ulysses.The shortest lifespan of any butterfly living a mere two weeks.

We learned the differences between Moths and Butterflies.

This was such a good educational outing trip.The kids loved it.

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