20 September
We thank the Lord for His guidance and that it became clear for Eric to go on with flying. Thanks also for a better health. He is not that tired anymore as he was.
Give thanks also for all the blessings He gives:a house to stay in, someone payed Tree Tops Lodge for us!, the people who care for us here in Cairns and all the prayers and financial support.
Eric's medicals finaly have com trough.
Pray for wisdom and strength for Erics flying and Adriana homeschooling the kids.

22 August
We give thanks to God that we're all healthy and well. That we enjoying being here in Cairns, Australia and being into transition to Arnhemland.
We pray for Eric's flying this week as he has a cross country flight every day except Friday. Pray for protection and wisdom.

Pray for his tiredness. It's not only the flying, but so many things to organize because of the move His NZ medical transferring to Australia. Pray that it may come true on time, otherwise it means a holding up again. Fill in forms for centre link, MAF, homeschooling, applying for Aus. driverslisence.

Pray for we have problems to take money from our NZ bank account and don't have any income here in Australia yet.

We thank God for the woman who came on the door and wrote out a cheque for us.We didn't know her!

Pray for the Naomi and Aron, they are missing their friends, but we thank God that we are so blessed with 5 children and that they have each other. Today they are saying: We're best friends forever!

Pray for the homeschooling, for guidance. What to do and how to do it. At the moment I'm running out of workbooks and I'm using my creativaty. Thanks to God who giving me this gift and that I can use it.

Keep praying for the Aboriginal people that their hearts will be open to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ and to accept it.