Thursday, 29 March 2012

going out into the community to bring hope, love and joy

2 months ago Eric and I went to a worshipnight at Walibi Beach. Someone was preaching there and said: Use the things(talents,seeds) God has given to you to go out, use them for His Glory, rather then to look on the things you don't have and what you think you need.
The Next morning I talked it over with the kids and said to them: lets write all the things down in your notebook. So they were busy writing and Lois draw the things she could do. Then I asked them to circle 1 thing they could use today to encourage someone else. So Aron decided to bake a cake, Hannah to write cards to people and bake cookies, Naomi offered to help the whole day and Lois wanted to say her memory verse.
I had a family on my heart to go to and bring al these things to.
The next morning we went to them. The Lady of the house,Eunich, was very surprised to get visitors and was full of joy to see that cake(with a cross on it and the letters: God loves)made for them. We prayed together and especially for her grandson, who had a difficult time. No friends, nothing to do, drinking. Lois said her bibleverses. Uenich saidI am so happy that you came,you have brought us joy and the love in this house! Praise God, it was He that laid it on our hearts!

Later Eunich told me that her grandson is doing well, not drinking anymore! And she asked us to come back.

So we went back to them to "water the seeds".

The kids had made a play of the predical son and we made an easter cake and brought party food like the father gave a party to his son in that story.The kids did so well, Eunich and her grandson, Dwuane loved it every minute. We talked about God and that he loves us so much, so Lois had another verse:For God so loved the world that He gave his one and only Son, so whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life, John 3:16

I asked him if He found it hard to believe and he said: no, easy, I love Jesus!! So pray for him for a living relationship and that he will become a follower of Jesus.

Dwuene wants to teach Aron how to make a spear and to fish, really exciting!

We ended our visit with in prayer and Lois prayed: Dear Lord, thank you for this family of Eunich, that you made them so special and that we can have a good night, amen.

Friday, 23 March 2012


Eric had a day off on Friday. In the afternoon I got a phonecall from Vanessa. She invited us to come and join them for the baby ceremony. So we decided to come.

First we had to collect some wood in the bush to make a fire on the sand. Eric and Gerard collect some wet sand to put beside the fire to warm up.

This is their babyboy.

The ceremony is to get them walk.

It's more like a traditional celabration.

They put the warm sand onto his toplegs

and back and massage it.

To celebrate it they make demper. A sort bread, with only flour and milk. They put it in foil and cook it in the hot sand.

Don't mind the sand in the demper :)

They cut it and share it and dip it in sweet condensed milk or honey.

The kids so enjoyed it on the beach and they had a swim in the water, played with sticks and crabs.

This place is called Noll. It's private land of Gerard and Vanessa. They lived here till beginning last year, when the cyclone blow their house down.

Now they live on Birijimi 25 km away. Gerard got a vision from the Lord, one day they will live there again.
It's a beautiful peaceful place with beautiful people!

Demper is ready. Now time to cook the fishes the same way as the demper, in foil and in the hot sand.First we had to clean them.

We learned some new words: guya looka= eating fish, natta=food, go rali marrtji=come here, ga=thank you. We thanked God for this precious time we had together!

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Boyracer in Yirrkala

Friday night chase in Yirrkala results in Yolngu dramatic salvation

Friday night 11.15 Eric and I just wanted to go to bed as we heard and saw a car racing, turning and spinning through the streets of Yirrkala. We heard a lot of people yelling.
We started praying over the people in the car, as we didn't know what else to do. It was to dangerous to go outside and do something.

Because we are living on the corner of two streets on the edge of Yirrkala we could see a lot. The police came and went after him, but couldn't stop him. Another police car came and after 1,5 hours of racing, they crashed him. The police took the boy quickly and put him in the car, as the Yolgnu wanted to spear him. Praise God no one was hurt.
Sunday afternoon we received this news written by and MAF pilot:

For those of you who were praying for the young man in the car chase around and around and around the streets of Yirrkala you will be thrilled to know that he met Jesus that night in the prison cell.
I had noticed him attending the church over the last few weeks.
This is his story.
In his dark cell there was only light coming un...der the door.
He prayed to the Lord and asked for Him to save him.
Suddenly a light filled the room and he was converted and born again.
This morning he asked his mother's forgiveness, and this afternoon he is to ask the forgiveness of his father who owned the truck.
I was sitting around 15 paces from the man when he gave his testimony and publicly confesses his sin.
As he asked forgiveness, I smelt alcohol from that distance.
The church leadership asked me to pray for him.
He was immediately struck by the power of God (it's not often the men will fall under the power of God).
I could not smell any alcohol on his breath, so I knew that it was a spirit.
I asked him if he had been drinking that night.
He said he had, and was keen to be set free of the demon.
Once again he fell down as the spirit left him, but this time he was filled with the Holy Spirit in accordance with scripture (so he would not be 7x worse off.)
He immediately began speaking fervently in tongues. (I am convinced that tongues is God's antidote to every addiction).
There is more to his story that I cannot tell you on Facebook, as he has not given a statement as advised by his lawyer, ask me at work if you want.
Please pray for Jamie.

We were thrilled to hear this news and Praised God for what He is doing!