Friday, 23 March 2012


Eric had a day off on Friday. In the afternoon I got a phonecall from Vanessa. She invited us to come and join them for the baby ceremony. So we decided to come.

First we had to collect some wood in the bush to make a fire on the sand. Eric and Gerard collect some wet sand to put beside the fire to warm up.

This is their babyboy.

The ceremony is to get them walk.

It's more like a traditional celabration.

They put the warm sand onto his toplegs

and back and massage it.

To celebrate it they make demper. A sort bread, with only flour and milk. They put it in foil and cook it in the hot sand.

Don't mind the sand in the demper :)

They cut it and share it and dip it in sweet condensed milk or honey.

The kids so enjoyed it on the beach and they had a swim in the water, played with sticks and crabs.

This place is called Noll. It's private land of Gerard and Vanessa. They lived here till beginning last year, when the cyclone blow their house down.

Now they live on Birijimi 25 km away. Gerard got a vision from the Lord, one day they will live there again.
It's a beautiful peaceful place with beautiful people!

Demper is ready. Now time to cook the fishes the same way as the demper, in foil and in the hot sand.First we had to clean them.

We learned some new words: guya looka= eating fish, natta=food, go rali marrtji=come here, ga=thank you. We thanked God for this precious time we had together!

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