Thursday, 29 March 2012

going out into the community to bring hope, love and joy

2 months ago Eric and I went to a worshipnight at Walibi Beach. Someone was preaching there and said: Use the things(talents,seeds) God has given to you to go out, use them for His Glory, rather then to look on the things you don't have and what you think you need.
The Next morning I talked it over with the kids and said to them: lets write all the things down in your notebook. So they were busy writing and Lois draw the things she could do. Then I asked them to circle 1 thing they could use today to encourage someone else. So Aron decided to bake a cake, Hannah to write cards to people and bake cookies, Naomi offered to help the whole day and Lois wanted to say her memory verse.
I had a family on my heart to go to and bring al these things to.
The next morning we went to them. The Lady of the house,Eunich, was very surprised to get visitors and was full of joy to see that cake(with a cross on it and the letters: God loves)made for them. We prayed together and especially for her grandson, who had a difficult time. No friends, nothing to do, drinking. Lois said her bibleverses. Uenich saidI am so happy that you came,you have brought us joy and the love in this house! Praise God, it was He that laid it on our hearts!

Later Eunich told me that her grandson is doing well, not drinking anymore! And she asked us to come back.

So we went back to them to "water the seeds".

The kids had made a play of the predical son and we made an easter cake and brought party food like the father gave a party to his son in that story.The kids did so well, Eunich and her grandson, Dwuane loved it every minute. We talked about God and that he loves us so much, so Lois had another verse:For God so loved the world that He gave his one and only Son, so whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life, John 3:16

I asked him if He found it hard to believe and he said: no, easy, I love Jesus!! So pray for him for a living relationship and that he will become a follower of Jesus.

Dwuene wants to teach Aron how to make a spear and to fish, really exciting!

We ended our visit with in prayer and Lois prayed: Dear Lord, thank you for this family of Eunich, that you made them so special and that we can have a good night, amen.

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