Sunday, 30 September 2012

What a change in one week!

Months ago we were praying and thinking to go back to NZ to do Eric's tests and the Living Wisdom course and most important for the kids.  This didn't work out as we thought for
different reasons: financial not enough, packing house than aswell, no clear road with the doctor there. So we put that thought aside and Eric went to Sydney for doctors apointment. Because that went really well the thought came back to go to NZ for the course and the kids.
Its a bit of a last minute but everything worked out so well, God blessed us with two enormous gifts which we thank the Lord for to make this trip happen! For the course we will be to late so we have decided not to do that and really try to get a rest!

Tomorrow morning we are starting our trip back to New Zealand!
First we spend a day and night in Cairns to catch the flight to Auckland on Tuesday.
On Wednesday morning 8am we will arrive in Nelson if everything goes according to plan.

Last week Eric got back his bloodtest results from the immunologist in Sydney, they showed abnormal on liver/kidney function values!
So when we get back from New Zealand he has to repeat bloodtests here in Nhulunbuy to see whether those improved.
If that all goes well, the medical can be sent to CASA in order to get his medical back, let's pray it will be fine and get some smooth sailing from now on!

Also Eric had a very good talk with management last week, they are very open to give him a chance in other oppertunities besides flying!
They are willing to look into engineering, ministry or maintenance work in combination with part-time flying!
So praise God for such an openess and positive response!

Thursday, 20 September 2012


I went to Garrthalala.
Coral, mum and Dipilinga came too.
We went there to to tell the Yolngu people about God.
we went with the plane.
Fabio was the pilot.
When I stepped out of the plane, the children wanted
to play with me.
I was so happy . I didn't know the children liked me,
We sat outside and played  and I read them a biblestory.
We sang worshipsongs and danced.
I sang a song together with Coral(you are my all in all).
I was happy . I wanted to live there.
I just loved that place.

I slept in a classroom with mum and Coral.
I had to wake up at 6 a.m.
I was still sleepy but we had to fly back to Gove.
Daddy, Naomi, Aron, Lois and Ruben were already
waiting for us.

By Hannah Koch


Wednesday, 12 September 2012


Since 2 weeks Eric is working fulltime again,he is fully recoverd, praises to God alone!

Eric had an apointment planned in Sydney on the 12th of September and tried to get patient travel. Medicare will pay for your trip when you have to travel for medical reasons.But Eric wasn't entitled for it. So last week he decided to just go and  trusting in God to provide the money and that 1 travel would be enough instead of 3.
Yesterday one of our supporters donated a large amount that covers twice as much! Thanks and praises to God alone!

After the apointment, Eric texted me to say that the doctor delited the label of Chronic Fatigue! Only one more bloodtest and he will be finished and can come home!
As we prayed and believed only 1 visit would be enough. What an Awesome God we serve! What a breakthrough after such a difficult time. Thank you Lord!