Wednesday, 12 September 2012


Since 2 weeks Eric is working fulltime again,he is fully recoverd, praises to God alone!

Eric had an apointment planned in Sydney on the 12th of September and tried to get patient travel. Medicare will pay for your trip when you have to travel for medical reasons.But Eric wasn't entitled for it. So last week he decided to just go and  trusting in God to provide the money and that 1 travel would be enough instead of 3.
Yesterday one of our supporters donated a large amount that covers twice as much! Thanks and praises to God alone!

After the apointment, Eric texted me to say that the doctor delited the label of Chronic Fatigue! Only one more bloodtest and he will be finished and can come home!
As we prayed and believed only 1 visit would be enough. What an Awesome God we serve! What a breakthrough after such a difficult time. Thank you Lord!

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