Sunday, 25 September 2011

Saturday the 24th we had a relaxing day:

We went to Palm Cove, beautyful beach to have a picknick.

Then we went to Kuwara resort with a big play ground and a swimmingpool and 2 chairs for Eric and me to put our feet up!

The Deerings house where we're staying at the moment.

Big changes coming up again! Eric's flight training is going so well that Maf has given him green light to go to Arnhemland. So that will gonna happen all this week. At this stage we don't know which date we will leaving. Thurday or Friday. We have to clean the house, pack the bags and do our last things here in Cairns and saying goodbuys again to our new friends!

We really enjoyed this weekend and it was relaxing and catching up with our new MAF family.

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