Sunday, 18 September 2011

9th of September:
After a week rest Eric still felt tired. He went to a doctor and found out that he had a virus. A brother or sister from the glendular fever. He got antibiotics for it.

Monday the 12th of September:
We went to Andrew and Liz for a barbeque. Andrew is one of Erics instructors. They have four children. The kids had a great time with each other. Our kids hadn't played with others for a long time.
We had a good time too. It really helped for Eric to talk to Andrew, he was like pastoring to him.
He decided to go on with flying, Praise God!

Tuesday the 13th of September:
Eric started flying today. He was looking forward to it, the opposite of last week. What a turn around point.

Wednesday the 14th:
Erics flight went really well! But still doesn't feel on top of it, is really tired.

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