Wednesday, 7 September 2011

September newsletter

Dear family and friends,

For those of you who haven't already heard, here is an update on the latest events with the Koch family.

Last week the instructors really started to put the pressure on the training program and we are getting scenarios as if flying operational in Arnhemland. The problem I started to face straight away was that the jump was too big from my training in NZ in combination with my (low)experience levels.

Also everthing is new, new (turbo)aircraft, new country, new air-law and rules, new maps and radio procedures to name just a few things. This in combination with instructors increasing pressure plus simulated and sometimes even real circumstances were too much to grasp for me in such a short time-frame given!

I was over-tired at the end of last week and even a relaxing weekend didn't bring me on top of things!

After a flight that didn't go well again on Wednesday the instructors informed me that I am not up to the standards of MAF and gave me a couple of options which are really difficult for us at the moment.(from resigning to going back to NZ and get some more experience, or extra 5/10 flighttraining, which I feel is not enough.)

The big "bottleneck"for me is just a lack of experience, which can only come with practise over a longer period of time to become a proffesional operational pilot!

The day we got this news, we sat together as a family and Adriana was sharing about Joseph, always obeying God no matter what circumstances he was in! In prison Joseph must have had times that he was unhappy and wondered what God had in store for him and situations that seemed endless!-Sold as a slave to Egypt-being thrown in prison after he refused Potifars wife-explaining a dream and then being forgotten by the same person for a few years!

We feel the same way right now, like Joseph we obeyed Him in every step, we've come a long way and it seems that God is putting it on hold for us right now! We don't know the reason, but He brought a song into our mind during our time with Him: God will make a way, He works in ways we cannot see, but He will make away for me...

When we got that news from Maf last Wednesday we were quite shocked and emotional for a couple of days. Having lots of questions but every day we feel really blessed by all the prayers and Gods Word.

He encourages us every day with His Word. He is speaking to us He is guiding us, we know God has a plan for us.And it is all part of Gods plan.

We were encouraged by His Word out of James 5:7-11

Be patient and stand firm, don't give up and keep trusting in Him!Perseverence.

Eric has decided, not to do those 5/10 hours, which would have been last week. He also said that he need more time to recover and rest before he goes flying again.

Maf is looking what else they can do. We don't know how it is going on from here, but God knows. We are asking His guidance.

Tree Tops Lodge has arranged that we can stay untill the 20th of September in the same unit and after that it will be in 3 different units.

This week we are taking it easy, Eric is taking time for himself which he really needs. The kids are doing amazingly well. They have a break from their schoolwork. Yesterday they decided to bake a pavlova for daddy, all by themself, and it turned out really beautiful.

As a family we are doing very well and no matter what the outcome will be we have grown into an even more close family towards God.

Could you please pray for us into these things we feel very supported and encouraged by you all!

Eric and Adriana Naomi, Aron, Hannah, Lois and Ruben

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