Saturday, 8 October 2011

Arriving in Arnhemland!!

Our new home in Yirrkala, 17 km away from
Nhulungbuy town.

We were all so excited to see our new home. And it looked already really "gezellig"! We rearranged the bedrooms, so that the girls have the biggest one. We made up the beds to make it our own.

As you can see on the photos it is the end of the dry season. Our garden looks like a sandpit! We are already busy trying to get some grass by sprinkling it.

This is the our street, called the Maf row.
There are 7 more houses with Maf people in it.

Our back garden and deck. The kids love it already, with the treehut and the little boat, which is a sandpit. They play lots of pirategames in it.They dress them selves as pirates, its great to watch them.

The swimmingpool in Nhulungbuy. Our new homechurch in Yirrkala. We have to

drive home if we need to go to the toilet.

We went to Shady Beach, 300 meters down the road from us, beautiful beaches, but we have to be really carefull for the crocodiles and for the box jelly fish.

We found a nice save puddle to wet each other. On the photo is Lisa Curan, a Maf pilot. She took us up there with her dog Kato.

We haven't much toys for Ruben with us, so just make things up for him. He loves playing with cups and spoons and water, and its a nice temperature for it.

It is already really hot, and this is just the beginning of it!
Just doing nothing and the sweat is dripping down our back.
Its not wise especially in this weather to upset yourself, but just stay calm.
When we arrived we didn't have a phone and internet connection, also Eric's cellphone didn't connect. So I found that a little bit hard. Not to have any contact with outside. But after a week I started enjoying it. Its quite peacefull not to have to work on the computer. And just enjoying each others company. Playing games and reading a book. We still don't have a connection, but we have a internet stick. So we
can do little things on it.

Every Tuesday evenings Maf is organizing together with some Christian Yolnu people(Aboriginals) Kidsclub. This is an outreach program.

We went for the first time. We all have been looking forward to join this for a long time.

It was great! Peter and Tina, our Neighbours
turned the music on with loudspeakers into Yirrkala, so that every one can hear that there is Kidsclub. Than they play games, cricket and socker. If there are enough children they will start with singing and dancing. And Peter shared his testomony and gave the children also
the opportunity to choose for God.

And there was a sausage sizle, which everyone really appreciate. After all the children left we prayed for them with the the Yolnu women. This was our first meeting with the Yolnu people.

It was such an encouragement to meet them and pray with them for their children to lift them up to the Lord!

When we were finished, one lady called me Yapa, which means, sister.

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