Sunday, 30 October 2011

What did we do the last week of October?

We alsmost ended going to hospital with Aron on Sundaynight. In the afternoon he did not feel well and got a rash. It got really worse in the evening, itchy and red patches over his whole body and so for a moment we didn't know what to do. We called a Maf family in Yirkala, (she was a nurse). We decided not to go to hospital, we prayed for Aron and also we had some good cream.
Aron and I(Adriana) had a bad night from it all. The next morning it was already better. He still had the rash, so I decided to go to the clinic in Yirkala, just to get to hear what it could be. We thought it was from playing in the bushes and he had touched a plant. He hasn't played the bush drum anymore. At the end of the day it was almost gone, thank God!

This is the banana plantage 300 meters from our home.
On Monday Naomi started her first job at the banana plantation. She is really excited to have her own little job! She is working with her 2 friends, Patricia and Rebeca. Every monday from 4 to 5 pm. When it gets bussier, Aron can come too.

Eric went flying on Monday and Tuesday. right hand seated. He got to see a lot of new places and was really excited. But the next day ,they had to stop him again, because his licenses was declined. there was missing 1 thing, and he had to apply for it again. It can take up to 6 weeks again, Please pray for this mather that it will come through soon and Eric can go on with what the Lord has in store for him. In the meantime he is helping in the Maf Hangar, which he really likes too. Also he is helping with maintanance on Maf houses. There is so much work to do...but not enough hands.

This is the same for bringing the gospel and disciple the Yolnu people here in Arnhemland.
But He told them: the harvest is plentiful but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into His harvestfields. Luke 10:2
We prayed this morning especially for this in church. It was a great time of Worship and prayer. Gerard and Kevin were with us. They shared their testomony. They went by car through Arnhemland to bring the Good news of Jesus Christ and to pray with people for Salvation and healing and for disciple them. But two is not enough. God need more people like them!

Today we did a nice Yirrkala beach walk.There were even sand dunes!!

I thought it was time to start clean the windows after being here for 4 weeks...this was only from one window and it took me an hour! I took all the little louvre windows out and clean the screen and everything...I haven't done all the windows yet, but decided to leave the glass louvres in. And cleaning with my Enjo is fantastic, I don't need cleaning products anymore but only water.

Other things that happened: Ruben had his first haircut done by my self. I cut all his curls:(

Because of the heat he was so itchy in his neck, that I decided to get rid of his curls. Sorry there is no photo yet.

On Saturday early morning Naomi, Aron and me went to 3 garagesales and picked up some good things. One of the things was a little bike for Ruben. But coming home Lois thought she could have a turn and off she went without training wheels!! She is feeling a big girl now!

In the afternoon we had the 3 kids from the other homeschooling family over.

The heat is really building up now, it's getting hotter and hotter. Today we had to walk to church in the heat. We still haven't got a car ourselves. We pray for Gods provision, He knows what we need and when. We thanked God that we still could go to church although we had to walk through the heat. We thanked God that we could worship Him with others!!

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