Saturday, 5 November 2011

Ruben looking different with his haircut

It has been a great week with new things happening. On Tuesday our Yolgnu neighbour came over, Dela.(the one we had the shared lunch with). She told she had been in hospital for a couple of days and someone prayed for her and she was better now. She told me that she wanted to know more about the bible.So I invited her to the thursday evening bible study at Nevin in Yirrkala.He has started a biblestudy for the yolgnu people. Usualy Eric is going to this but now I felt I had to go to pick her up. I walked over through the bush you can she on this photo to Dela's house. While I was waiting at her place, her family were singing songs and playing

the didgeridoo. They were releasing a body from their family. This week they will have a funeral.

Dela came with me to the biblestudy, and she loved it, especially the song: Create in me a clean heart, O God. Pray for her health and for her heart to reconnect with God and also for her family.

Dela wanted to learn how to make the Swiss bread, so she came over on Sunday morning to prepare the dough. After church we called her again and so she came over with her family. They said that they had given us Yolgnu names, so that means that they adopted us into their family!

On Wednesdaymorning we went over to our homeschooling friends to homeschool together for the day. The kids loved it. I had a craft to do for Lois and Esther, so they made cards to send for Maf families in the homelands.
It is sad to hear that our Maf homeschooling friends are moving to Melbourne half December. They want to come back but not sure when. We will gonna miss them that's for sure.

Aron has been busy with his lego. He created his own house with kitchen and couch and barbeque etc. In details!!

The kids are doing really well with their schoolwork! They are motivated and know what to do with their goalcards. Especially Hannah has worked really hard this year and can read and write well, the last two weeks I have been working on her maths, because she strugled with it. But after two weeks I can she her moving forwards, yeah!

Naomi and Aron are doing a project together about Vulcanoes and Anger and how it's

related. We're talking about how anger can build up inside of us if we allow it. And also how it works with vulcanoes.

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