Saturday, 22 October 2011

Friday morning we were sitting on the table doing our homeschoolwork. When the kids looked outside, they saw fish laying at the neighbours, so we got curious and put away the books and walked to the neighbours. We asked them if we could have a look how they prepare and cook it. And we were welcome. So they invited us to come and sit on the blankets.We only couldn't stand the green tree ants. But we wouldn't have miss this opportunity!! It was great. They caught 2 Baramundi fish and made a fire in the ground put the fish on it and then stones and then bark and on top of it sand and let it cook for an hour.

We picked up a loaf of bread at home that we could share with them and while we were waiting we had some lovely conversations. Also I could share the story of Jesus sharing the bread and the fish. It was a God given moment. We pray that they will get hungry for the bread of life!

Naomi with her new friends(from left to right:
Naomi, Rebecca, Patricia)

Ruben with Michelle

Oma had given us a nice gift, to have lunch together at Gove house. This is the place where the miners are getting fed.We can go there between 12 and 1 and for 14 an adult and 11 a child, Lois and Ruben free. And you can eat as many and as much as you like.And go for seconds and for thirds! Of course the children love this!

Happy Birthday Oma!!

This morning we woke up at 6.30, because of the yolgnu kids playing the drums. At morning tea Aron went to see them and had a turn on a self made drum from his yolgnu friends.
Aron invited them to church, and for lunch with us, they had a fantastic time.The teacher of the kids was in church aswell and she came up to me and said she prayed for a year for friends for these kids!
The tears welled up in my eyes....Thank God for this miracle and keep praying for these kids! For the love we can share with them.

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