Sunday, 16 October 2011

This is what all happened the second week:

Today Monday the 17th, we had Cultural orientation. And Paul who did it has got an little joey, 6 months old. He found it left alone and took it home to take care for, once its strong and big enough it will go back into nature.

Our kids made new friends. One Yolnu boy stood at our fence and asked for a mango from our garden. We invited him over and he played really well with Aron and Mathew.
Naomi found 2 friends aswell, Rebekkah(12) and Patricia(14) and went to youth group in town with them.
We also made friends with another homeschooling family(6 kids), who are living in Yirrkala. The kids can go on really well with each other and have lots of fun. Last Friday Adriana and Naomi took care of 3 of them, so that their mum, Kath could organize the last schoolterm. Naomi baked little cupcakes with them and we made dinner for them. It was great to help this family.

Naomi wants to be a hairdresser, and cut Eric, Aron and Adriana's hair. She did so well!!

The neighbour dog got 9 puppies, one of them died. The children are in charge of taking care of the mum dog. And soon they are aloud to hold the puppies.

Yeah...the crates arrived last Wednesday! We were all so happy and the children played a long time with their 'new'toys.

This is what the Yolnu people do, washing themselves at the fire tap in front of our house.

And our kids are soon Yolnu aswell...refreshing themselves on a hot day!

We can make fires as many as we like!!

We had so much fun gardening and burning the old leaves, we put marshmallows on a stick and sausages on Arons new barbeque, We had a great time together!

Tuesday the 11th of October, we went for the afternoon to town, to do groceries and swimming.

When we came home, Eric had the bad news that Yolnu kids had been in our home and taken some stuff. Some stuff had been found. One of the thing was Naomis camera. And when she looked on it, she saw pictures of yolnu kids in our house!! This was hilirious!! We all had a big laugh. Funny naughty kids. Its not nice to no that people have been in your house and have gone through your stuff but we didn't make a big deal from it and forgive and bless and pray for them. This has helped us a lot.

Eric is still not flying, as he is waiting for his Australian licences. He is working in the hangar, which he is enjoying aswell. In the meantime he is studying a lot for his flying.

We are settling in really well and enjoying living in Yirrkala. The heat is a real chalange, but we try as much as we can, to stay calm. Last Saturday, it was hot and everyone was tired and started picking on each other. We all went early to bed. Sunday was much better.

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