Friday, 2 December 2011

sowing seeds and on Gods timing they will grow...

We went to kidsclub and picked up some yolnukids in the car!! Tonight they heard the story of Christmas . There were around 30 boys and 30 girls and responding again to the Good news! On the way home there was a woman laying on the side of the road and waved to us. I stopped the car full of children and opened the window. The woman was in a lot of pain because she had fallen and asked if I could drive her to hospital.Naomi complained: do we need to help again, we have already a lot of children with us. But I said: I can't leave this woman here. So I stepped out of the car and immediately called for help from a nearby house. A woman came but was gone quickly as she didn't know this woman. Than I sat beside her and started praying, which she really liked. Than another car stopped which was one of our Maf family that also came from kidsclub. He had a phone with him to call the ambulance. I decided to bring the Yolnu kids home and come back to sit with her and wait. Because the ambulance had to come from Nhulunbuy. The woman asked for sigarettes for the pain. Again we offered to pray for her, we hold hands and prayed together The woman became really calm. We hugged each other and she thanked us. She was so glad we prayed with her. She started telling what had happened. A month ago she had a car accident and went into hospital. She said she was dead and came to life when her family were praying over her. God had saved her life! When we went home, Naomi said that she was glad we had stopped and helped this woman.

A lot of children especially boys responding to the Gospel and accepting Jesus in their hearts, Praise God!
But prayers are needed.The last weeks a lot of children are leaving after kidsclub and going over to the Oval(soccerfield) in Yirrkala and do petrolsniffing. Also the children we took with us, they dissapeared. This is very sad. Pray that the seeds that are sowed at kidsclub will grow on Gods time.

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