Friday, 2 December 2011

It's not easy...but we know God is in control and we count on our blessings!

The new "casino"in Yirrkala just behind our garden...last thursday at 7 am when I came home from my daily walk our Yolnu family had already gathered around for gambeling, I stopped to see what they were doing but didn't feel really welcome, they went on till late night...

to see this happening so close the whole day makes you sad and makes us wonder what to out to God who is in control over everything.

Also Yirrkala has got a new swimmingpool and not behind our garden but in our garden:)We had to wait five weeks for this before it arrived! But it was worthwhile waiting. It's not that it cools you really down, because of the heat, the water temperature is still around 34 degrees. Eric and I decided to use it as a spa in the evening. These are just moments we enjoy.

Another moment we enjoyed after a big day flying and a busy cleaning day for me, having a meal just the two of us, little ones in bed and the older watching a movie.

Lois and Ruben helping with the dishes

Last week we welcomed the Paas family from Holland at Gove Airport. They come to serve for MAF aswell. Arjan and Aartje have got 2 girls, Rachel and Tamar , nearly 4 and 2 and expecting a baby soon(Christmas).They live 3 houses down from us. Its so special that we just can communicate in our own language.

After a really hot day we went to Shady Beach at 5pm. It was low tide and so there were some rockpools where the kids could swim in. And where the crocodiles not wanted to come.

The kids enjoying the first tropical rain. Catching the rain in a glas, wow that fills up quickly!

Eric, ready to go flying. It's not easy for him but he knows that God is in control. He is still doing ICUS flying(under supervision). Today he came home at 7.30 pm! real flying time:5.5 hours!

This week we have helped another Maf homeschooling family a couple of times, as they are leaving soon to Melbourne. We will gonna mis them although we just know each other, but it was so good to have each other. We will be left alone as homeschoolers as there are not many homeschooling families around. It's so different than back in New-Zealand. Here it feels even more going against the flow.I know for sure God layed it on my heart, so I believe He has got plan for it all.

( But hope that is seen is no hope at all. who hopes for what he already has? But if we hope for what we do not yet have, we wait for patiently. Rom. 8:24,25)

At the moment we're slowing down with schoolwork and focus on the Jesse Tree. Advent, a time of waiting...

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Danny said...

Loving your pool and can imagine you enjoy your spa times at night :-)

Eric, great look in your uniform!