Thursday, 15 December 2011

Last weekend, we had to take away the swimmingpool, because it isn't proper fenced. We find it really hard to deal with the rules and regulation as they are made out of fear,we think.But what do you do? listen and obey. And so it's sad to see this efecting the children and the Yolnu children, as they had already lots of fun together.

Eric is into the flying now, and is enjoying it. On Tuesday he had to fly some people from centrelink around and so he had to wait for a few hours in every place. As he had to wait he walked into every village and prayed and met some people with interesting talks.

On Thursday, the kids and I went to the MAF hangar to pick up some letters and parcels. We stood outside to see the planes coming and going. We said to each other: that would be so awesome if daddy was here or fly in...we had just fun watching as one of the pilots came to us and asked what we were looking for...daddy...the pilot thought that dad was washing the plane. So we drove up to the Layna hangar to have a look out there. I parked the car and there Eric was...we were so happy to see him...and he was too! We had morningtea together, it wasn't busy with flying. After having a nice time together, we decided to go on to Nhulunbuy for a swim. So Eric waved us goodbye while I tried to turn the car forwards a little bit then backwards, but as I turn we heard a big bang...what was that?? I had hit a 10 cm iron pole, sticking out of the ground and so the tire had popped...O no...we both hadn't seen this iron pole! But no worries, it went all so smoothly, Richard, another MAF pilot came to see what had happened. So Eric took the spare tire and they started fixing it...pfff with a little sweat it was quickly fixed and we could go again.

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