Wednesday, 6 June 2012


Something amazings happened .....(this happened the Sunday before Erics medical)

Eric and I were both overtired for a couple of weeks/months, having a hard time. Tonight we decided to go for a walk dark or dogs,buffelo's or what, we went. As we were walking and talking about our hard time we walked past the church and it was full of people, something in us told to go in. The music just started to Worship God. We joined in and peple started sharing and repenting and kneeling down and something amazing happened: there was reconciliation between 2 they repent and hugged and!Praise God.
The Holy Spirit told me to bow down aswell, so together with Eric we kneld down and the Yolgnu people started to pray for didn't know what was going on in our lives but the Holy Spirit knew and so they prayed refreshment over us and 5 times they prayed for a new ministry....exciting wow...we walked home jumping for joy thanking God for this amazing time and these amazing people!. God did something very special and is going to do even more.... wow
We are a week further now and I, Adriana am really refreshed! Iam so glad I am, so that I can take care of Eric, now he is still not well and the care for the children.

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