Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Erics health

I (Eric) am not too well lately, with being allmost constantly overtired and not flying as per the 28th of May (also missed pilots meeting last weekend).

A few weeks ago I did a bloodtest just here at the clinic which didn't indicate very much.
On the 28th of May I had my aviation medical and that doctor wanted to investigate a bit deeper into the situation!
Some extra bloodtests followed and yesterday the results came through, again fortunately not showing things like glendular, ross river or epson barr.
Only this time the percentage of white bloodcells showing high which might be an indication of the body batteling with something else.
He called pathology for doing a Hepatitus A, B, C investigation, with results coming back on Friday.

His diagnose on the things done sofar is chronic fatique without depression!
Maybe I need to undergo extra tests now which cannot be done here in Gove, but MAF and myself are working on someone in Cairns where we'll be going to coming Monday.
Otherwise maybe somewhere else in Australia (some of the bigger centres can do things like sleeptests etc).

I spoke to Doug(Maf manager) on Monday together with Adriana, which was a very, very good conversation and of course at that stage we didn't have a diagnose yet, so the desicions about how to go from here haven't been made yet. I indicated that within the Laynha program I am only just coping with the workload and hours (average 7:00am-6:30pm).

I have been enjoying flying for MAF (closed charter) more so than for Laynha, but Keith our Chief-pilot wanted to do the 6 monthly check first before putting me more on the closed charter which involves mainly the long sealed strips (Lake Evella, Elcho, Milingimbi etc).
In this check they do STOL checks to see if they can remove the 700 meter curfew as well as an extra 20 minute last light curfew. I did well that day so Keith removed both curfews which means I can go into the shorter strips now. Exciting aye!!
The Lord has called us here, but we have to work together in finding a more balanced way in flying/ministry/homeschooling!

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