Wednesday, 6 June 2012


 The months May and June are full of celebrations. We organised a surprise party for Hannah. She became 8 years on the 14th of May. Eric took her out on a date to the swimmingpool and while they were away we decorated the house and the cake.She was really surprised when they came home and the house was full of visitors for her!

 A week later(the 22nd of May) Ruben turned 2 years already. He had a lovely day and was excited to get presents.He was the most happy with his little airplane toy which I found at the opshop.But liked also his favorite animal crocodile soft toy and dvd from Steve Irwin. Rubens word for crocodile= cootepa

We made the easiest cake ever with cupcakes in a shape of a crocodile.

Another week later it was my(Adriana) turn to have my birthday. I had a day full of blessings, with lovely cards,emails,phonecalls, facebooknotes, Eric unexpected home(overtired though), Naomi making pikelets(poffertjes) for breakfast and a apple pie for afternoontea, and a delicious lasagna for dinner, and a friend poppin in with a sweet pressent, and a restyle haircut!

On the 6th of June we celebrated our 15th wedding aniversary! We had fun watching our weddingdvd together with the kids. In Cairns we will have some time together hopefully.

This coming Saturday(9th of June) it's Erics birthday. Because we have the Maf conference, we celebrate it on the Friday evening with a barbeque.

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