Sunday, 4 November 2012

back in Arnhemland again

We are already back in Arhemland again for 2 weeks. We have had a good trip to New-Zealand. We had a great time spending time with friends. The kids had  an awesome excausting 2 weeks of sleep-overs:)It was so good to be back in Nelson. It really felt home and we loved the cool weather. We could breath fresh air. It was good to see our time in AL from a distance.So we could refocus on the Vision and Goals. Its like a picture that  you have too close to your eyes and you can't see anymore what kind of picture it is.When you hold it with some distance you can see it clearly.

Coming back in Arnhemland was a big challenge again. It started already by opening the door from our house. The smell of mice cought us straightaway! The whole house was full of mice poo and also a dead mouse. Full of cockroaches and by entering the toilet there was a spider as big as my hand!
The heat is another challenging factor. Tiredness and headaches, heatreshes, tummy bugs and grumpyness are all part of our first 2 weeks.

But we don't want to focus on those things, there are so many other things to Thank God for.

We were so thankful with the trip to NZ and that is was so refreshing and that we could spend time with so many people!
We were thankful  we could come back in our own home with our own things, so we could settle in quickly again.
We  were thankful  to meet the local people here( MAF families and Yolngu family)
We are thankful that the children doing really well.
We are thanful to see Aron connecting with 2 new boys from another MAF family and also with some yolngu boys.
His Yolngu brother gave him a spear that he made himself! They had promissed for a long to make a spear for him. Aron was so happy. Time really doesn't excist in their culture.
We are also really excited, because Adriana's Yolngu sister that she taught how to bake bread, is going to bake bread and sell it and she asked Adriana to help her to set it up.

We are thankful for such a turn around with MAF management. There have been 2 big meetings already with us and them.
We have shared our Vision clearly. And we still try to work something out together.
Eric will probably stay in the hangar and is not gonna fly even if he gets his medical back. There are to many things that holds him back from it: the program runned as a business, the pressure from that, the hours and our expectations. The first meeting he got green light to have one ministry day a fourthnight, today is the first one.
Eric wants to have more. He wants to have half half. To help Yolngu for Jesus see
To help encourage them, to help them to organise outreaches and to discipel the Yolngu people.And maybe in the future he can fly them himself.
Our Yolngu family really like to learn more. This week we had them over which was really good and from next week we gonna start a bible study evening with them. We will use the God's story and Simply the story material.

Last week I, Adriana had a meeting with the principle of the Christian School in Nhulunbuy. We have discussed a day a week at school for the children  to meet their social and physical goal. Yesterday we had an apointment again with the children and the principle showed us around.
This week Thursday,  Naomi, Aron, Hannah and Lois are going to school for a try out. See if they fit in the class and also with the work they doing at school.

So all quiet exciting things happening again, Praise God!

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