Friday, 3 February 2012

Yirrkala bush and beach walk

What is the way to forget about your daily sorrows and to meet the local Yolgnu and to see more of Yirrkala?

Eric had a day of today and so after our cleaning and reading it was really time for us to go out and explore. This did us all so well! We found a new path through the bush that leaded us to the dunes. Hannah found it a little scared but at the same time exciting to go through the bush. She hold my hand when she felt scared,but let me go and run forward to Naomi and Aron when she got excited.

We immagined to put our tent up at the top and camp there.

The girls made drawings in the sand.

We watched the sea and breath,

We watched the clouds and what we saw in them.

We met Yolgnu people at shady beach and had a chat with them and found out that some were our family.

Aron climbed in a coconut tree, try to get a coconut, he made it to the top but couldn't get the coconut out.

So we loved, lived and laughed!!


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