Saturday, 14 April 2012

Easter weekend

On Good Friday morning at 7.30 am we started with a prayerwalk around Yirrkala. Eric was asked to carry the cross like Jesus did. We stopped at 7 places to pray for the community. It was really good, but also sad to realize that we were the once with the wips and that shouted:Crucify Him! The thorncrown on His head were our sins...

But so encouraging and hopeful to know that God already had made another plan for this world.

To gave His one and only Son, that whoever believe in Him shall not perish but have eternal life.

I had organized a Passover meal on Friday Evening for everyone who wanted to hear and learn about the meal. Why Gods people celebrate it like this. It is so rich, everything is symbolic and points towards Jesus.

Lois asking one of the 4 questions:Why is this night different from all the other nights?

Because the Israelites were slaves in Egypt and the Lord redeemed them with His mighty hand and they can tell this story from generation to generation, Praise God.

Why do we eat unleavend bread(Matzah):

to remind us of the Israelites, they didn't have time to wait for the yeast to rise because they
had to be ready to move when God told them.

We eat Matzah because this night we remember Jesus. By whose stripes we are healed. Yeast leavens, or puffs up, as pride and sin inflates our hearts. The stripes and the holes in the bread reminds us of Jesus who was punished and broken for us .

I had roasted 2 lambs legs and made some other food. We had a great time of fellowship with Yolgnu and Balanda(white people)

On Easter Monday when we woke up we were really tired. I had to go back into my room not for a sleep, but to go on my knees, I knew this was the only way. Because God is my strength and my refuge. Amazingly He gave renewed strength.
I was able to bake pancakes for the kids and us. To welcome our yolgnu family who came suddenly when I just finished baking. To share our meal with them. He gave strength to bake an extra stack of pancakes and even we could enjoy watching the kids do their play of the prodical son for our family. He gave strength to share God's word with them and to pray for them especially the children .One of them, Emily, 14, lost her dad. They hadn't slept for 2 nights because of that. Please pray for them.

After this weekend, we got some sickness in the home. Hannah got a high fever. And because of that she had really bad nightmares. We had to pray and command the spirit of fear to leave her.It took her a few days to get over this as she was so scared to go to bed again. Scared to get those dreams again. Pray for a protection over our family and especially Hannah.

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