Tuesday, 16 August 2011

We found a huge shell on Green Island

Lois and Ruben enjoying their lollipop

the fish we saw...

Green Island

Ruben eating a sandy rice cracker

Aron and I, Adriana, went snorkeling. But we

saw a stingray and Aron didn't like to carry on.

I decided to go somewhere else and took

Aron hand in hand, suddenly Aron got a big

fright because there was someone else in front
of us, we laughed and laughed.

Naomi and Hannah and Eric on the back of the

boat. back to Cairns, 27 km

Lois playing in the sand at the Lagoon on the

Esplanade in Cairns.

The Lagoon where you can have a free swim!

And free fun at Muddy's playground!

The kids really enjoy this place. The

fountains go on and off and Ruben

is looking where it is gone and then

suddenly the water is popping up, it

is so funny to see his face.

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